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What Are The Best Stocks Right Now?

Here are my favorite stocks that I believe will be a good purchase for long economic prosperity.

Here are my three favorite stocks that I believe will be a good purchase for long economic prosperity. This is not an endorsement for these stocks, and any market trade incurs a significant amount of risk. Make sure you check with a financial adviser before making any financial decisions. The Stock Market Is About To Crash

2U (TWOU). 2U is a technology provider that has enabled top MBA schools like UNC Chapel Hill to provide a top business school experience almost completely online. In the market crash of 2008, people that found themselves unemployed went back to school to learn new skills until the market corrected. This stock has done well in a bull market, and may even do better in a bear market.

Amazon (AMZN). I’m bullish on Amazon because I think it’s a really great company. They’re doing very innovative things and they are rapidly consuming market share. However, Amazon may be currently overvalued. But, the way things are going, it may be the first to become a trillion dollar company. With the recent acquisition of Whole Foods, it will be interesting the direction this company goes in the near term. But I’m a firm believer this company is poised to be the biggest company on the planet in the next 10 years.

Tesla Inc (TSLA). This stock is not for the faint of heart. Its price to earnings ratio is completely out of whack because the company has yet to make any real profit. Yet it still has a high valuation because of the enormous growth potential. It’s a debate over whether the next car boom will come out of Silicon Valley or Detroit. Their recent acquisition of Solar City, gives them excellent horizontal integration. Regardless of how this stock looks in the short term, it has high pay off potential in the long run.

S&P 500 and Why It Matters

As always, make sure you are well diversified, and ensure your risk tolerance is commensurate with the risk in your portfolio. What are your favorite stocks? Please comment below:


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