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6 Podcasts You Can’t Get Enough Of

Podcasts that will change your life. Or atleast your morning commute.

Have you ever listened to a story that was so entertaining that when you got to the end you wish there was more? Below are 6 Podcasts that will not only provide endless entertainment, but they will sharpen your mind, and will challenge you to change the way you think about the world.


How I built this

#1 How I Built This. Hosted by Guy Raz hosts interviews entrepreneurs of some of the biggest name companies. Guy takes us through their journeys to they took to build their companies.


Planet Money

# 2 Planet Money. From the producers of This American Life, this series of almost 800 episodes (I’ve listened them all) takes an economist look at a broad range of topics, and it’s all very interesting and consumable. Listening to Robert Smith, Stacey Vanek Smith, David Kestenbaum, Caitlin Kenney, Jacob Goldstein, and Noel King are the highlight of my commute.


Revisionist History

# 3 Revisionist History. Malcom Gladwell, perhaps one of the most insightful authors of our generations, gives a counterview to many difficult topics. His ability re-examine previously stood beliefs makes this a Podcast that you don’t want to miss.



Hidden Brain

# 4 Hidden Brain. Shankar Vedantam takes the intellectually curious on the subconscious voyage using science and storytelling.



# 5 Freakanomics. Stephen Dubner and guest economist Steven Levitt host this show as a spinoff of their book of the same name. They take an economist approach to what Dubner calls “the hidden side of everything”.



# 6 Serial. Another shoot off of This American Life, Sarah Koenig’s Serial is the reason most of us started listening to Podcasts. These stories are so good, I used to sit in my parked car after I arrived to work just so I could finish the episode.

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